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Amazing as it sounds, There is a way to legally "crack" the safe at banks and financial institutions across the country. Hack the Credit Bureaus Computer systems to give you a High FICO Credit Score.. This is NOT anything illegal...

it's just a very brilliant way to "use" the system (make it their system) to your advantage.

I'll teach you how to push the right buttons right on your computer and force their computerized safeguard system to literally crumble and make them grant your wishes...make easy loans and give you credit cards.


"Amazing Credit and Borrowing Techniques..." empowers you with dynamite and dangerous information on how to put the "screws" to the banks and mega-corporations that have been putting the screws to you for years! Completely reversing the process on them.

You'll quickly learn to use their "paperwork" (computer systems) against them.

See, normally, if you go into a bank to borrow money, you'll be laughed out the door.

NO MORE! With this system you have already prepared the red carpet to be rolled out for you. In Advance. It's simply putting the right information about yourself in the proper places on the internet, so when the run their checks, they see exactly what they need to see.

These outrageous techniques, inside tips, power secrets, and tested methods will help you obtain any small loan up to a whopping $ 100,000! Credit Cards, and more.

In today's tight money crunch (as the little guy experiences), you'll learn that what the banks want is nothing but "paper." “computer readouts”

Give them the paper readouts they want and they will give you the paper you want (cash, checks, loans, etc.).

And I'll show you how to give them tons of the paper (computer info) they want.

And it doesn't matter what problems have kept you back before...

For example:

You may have been turned down for loans by banks before.

You may have limited funds and no special skills or talent.

Your credit standing is giving a false image of unacceptability.

You don't have a pot to plant petunias in.

At last, here's the insider financing methods for the small borrower that covers offbeat, outrageous, low-cost methods of borrowing in today's credit market and shows surprising new sources of cash for the hard-pressed small borrower.


The methods revealed are not difficult theories, not complicated formulas, just simple dynamite solutions to your toughest credit problems.

And, equally important, they are guaranteed to bring you the results you want.

Here's what this EZ Plan shows you...

How to borrow up to $100,000 "overnight" legally... you cannot be turned down!!

The key rules you must know before seeking $100,000 or less in loans for any small business.

How to reduce the perceived risk of your loan request to make it more attractive to many lenders.

25 sources (names and addresses) of personal credit institutions that make small and very small loans nationwide.

How to use a simple letter to improve your credit record -- a very ingenious strategy. A sample letter is presented.

Where the poor or hard-pressed wage earner can borrow money with no questions asked.

Credit building maneuvers that really put you on top.

How to use U.S. Savings Bonds You Do Not own as collateral for your loan.

The inside techniques to get a loan approval from the same lender who turned you down before.

Personal loans -- the best place to find them and how to qualify for them.

The simple application form -- how to prepare it to get immediate approval.

How to obtain a low-cost loan without any credit or income verification.

New and different methods of obtaining small loans for a startup.

Also revealed: a dozen sources of small business loans for expansion, working capital, acquisitions, buy outs, accounts receivable, inventory, leasing, rediscounting, etc.

"Insider" financing strategies that can put capital in your business.

How to get around your current loan obstacles ($100,000 or less).

The legitimate way to have all your debts cleared and maintain a high credit rating -- this is the only strategy.

How to boost your current credit rating to more than 760 FICO.

Which lenders will say "Yes" when your bank says "No". (names and addresses revealed)

What it takes to influence these new lenders.

How to apply for a Master Card or Visa from your own bank and get it without any credit investigation.

How to obtain a fast loan against future collateral.

How to make your bank reestablish your credit before applying for a loan.

A real example of a maneuver to enhance your credit image.

How to obtain a Master Card or Visa and reestablish your credit even if you've been bankrupt before.

Secrets to acquire the following funding such as venture capital, small business loans, government loans, minority loans, personal loans, bad credit personal loans, unsecured personal loans, business financing, unsecured credit cards, student credit card, working capital, and capital credit.

How and where to tap into a virtual goldmine of hidden money sources that provide unusual financing such as signature loans for bad credit, guaranteed approval credit cards, home loans with bad credit, small business loans for women, secured credit cards, computer financing, home equity loans, and personal loans for bad credit.

Actual sources with cutting edge funding tactics have been revealed, including home loans, improvement loans, home mortgage loans, bad credit loans, business financing, car loans, educational funding, online car financing, automobile financing, credit cards for people with bad credit, best credit card, low interest credit cards and venture capital.


To give you back-up ammunition, the guide reveals several ways to get money without going to your bank at all.

You will learn about...

Where to find new secret sources of quick business and personal loans.

Six unusual sources of money where you can borrow up to $100,000 with no credit check and a minimum paperwork.

Where and how to obtain less than $100,000 in loans and grants for personal or business use...

the quickest and most effective way.

The best places to borrow small business loans.

Of Necessity I Must Caution You

The information revealed in "Amazing Credit and Borrowing Techniques" is legal if used properly.

I do not advocate nor condone the misuse of these powerful methods to defraud or misrepresent your financial condition.

In fact in a few cases you will have to seek legal counsel before using the information.

I accept no responsibility for the misuse of this ultra confidential banking information.

For you, it's a chance to be on the "inside" for once... instead of waiting until the "other guys" have already gotten ahead of you.

And, because of the nature of this information, I'm not sure how long I will be able to make the program available.

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Yes, now you CAN "arm" yourself with the advanced knowledge I have painstakingly prepared for you to get loans, credit and credit cards without any credit investigation. Secrets that go far beyond anything you've ever learned about any serious borrowing.

Secrets that can give you the confidence to face any borrowing situation knowing you have the best shot on the planet for winning!

In "Amazing Credit Techniques That Sound Too Good To Be Legal"

I go way beyond what I have taught my clients in the past --

revealing money handling and borrowing secrets that, until now, you could have only found by paying me thousands of dollars for personal instruction.

I have to admit something... parts of this program (especially the second section) reveal secrets so brutally effective to get you loans...


I Actually Considered

Censoring Them Out!

But due to recent developments in the financial markets, I didn't. That would have been a mistake.

You deserve to see this stuff, to learn it to take you from where you are now to the glittering peaks of borrowing power.

I don't believe you should be held down by having vital tools withheld that can help you succeed in any borrowing situation.

So you see, no matter how you look at it, you come out like a bandit.

You can't find "Amazing Credit Techniques That Sound Too Good To Be Legal..." at any price in any store.

Nor can you find anything even remotely close anywhere. This is a one-of-a-kind program.

And you should be glad to know that I've got a special package set aside just for you.

Here's What You Will  Learn...


The Heart And Soul Of The American

Free Enterprise 1

Section One

You Can Raise $1000 To $100,000 To Finance

Your Business! 3

Section Two

Understanding The Dilemma Of The Small

Business Borrower 5

Section Three

How To Beat The Odds And Borrow Money

Successfully Using Tested

Borrowing Techniques 9

Section Four

Making Sure You Get The 21

Section Five

Where And How To Find Injection Or Equity Capital

When You Have No Money! ....................................... page 24

Section Six

Borrowing Made Easy With Real Help

From Experts In The "Know"...

And It's Free! 29

Section Seven

"Custom Matching" With the Right Connections

Of Money Can Get You Your Loan

Easily And Faster! 31

Section Eight

"The Instant Golden Signature" Loan...

A Sure-Fire Strategy To Obtain

Business 39

Section Nine

More On "Instant Golden Signature" Loan

A Sure-Fire Business Capital Raising 44

Section Ten

Bad Credit?... No Problem!  Protect And Build Your Credit

With Little Effort .................................................... page 54

Section Eleven

Making Your Credit Profile Good As 56

Section Twelve

How To Fix Or Erase "Bad Credit" From

Your Credit 65

Section Thirteen

How To Lessen The Negative Effect Of 

Your Credit Rating And Make It More

Acceptable To 70

Section Fourteen

The "Uncredit" Method Of Building

A Good Credit... Fast For People

With Credit 73

Section Fifteen

"Quick-Fixes" For Improving And

Maintaining Your Credit 78

Section Sixteen

The Big, Big Secret Of Getting A Loan 88

Section Seventeen

How A Lender May Reach A Credit Decision

And Make A Loan To 90

Section Eighteen

How To Get Around The Loan Obstacles

You Now Face... And Become A Good

Credit 95

Section Nineteen

How To Fill Out A Loan Application To

Guarantee Approval! 97

Section Twenty

"What If"... After All Your Efforts

The Loan Is Denied? Here's What

You Do To Get It! 112

Section Twenty-One

How To Get Capital When You Don't Qualify For A Loan...

No Credit Required 118

Section Twenty-Two

A Loan At Last?... Five Magic Steps

You Can Use To Get Money From

This Surprise Source Of Money After

You've Been Turned Down By

Conventional 139

Section Twenty-Three

The Miracle of Microloans... How To Obtain

Very Small Amounts Of Capital For Your

Business Without Any Collateral

Or Credit! 145

Section Twenty-Four

The Startling Truth About Offshore Funding...

And How You Can Play The Game Like The

Big Boys Do! 149

Section Twenty-Five Special Strategies 161

· How To Get Money You Don't Have To Pay Back... Ever! 161

· A Secret Plan Helps You Retain A High Credit Rating When You Are Overloaded With 163

· An Expert Advice... For Little Or No Cost That Can Save Your Credit! 164

· The Insider's Trick Of Acquiring Small Business Loans Under The Going

Prime 165

· Important Facts About Loans-By-Mail 166

· An Easy Source Of Cash For The Poor

Or The Hard-Pressed Wage Earner 167

· Maybe You Shouldn't Fall In Love With

Debt-Consolidation 169

· A Jealously Guarded Secret Of Borrowing Money Using U.S. Savings Bonds

You Do Not Own As Collateral 170

· Check This Out If You Are A Veteran...You May Have This Hidden

Borrowing 171

· How To Grab A Quick $15,000 Or More (Interest-Free) To Promote Any Business (MLMs, Mail-Order, Export/Import,

Home Business, etc.) 171

Section Twenty-Six

The Naked Truth About Real Estate Financing 174

Section Twenty-Seven

Revealed!... Six Unusual Sources Of Money Where

You Can Borrow Up To $100,000 With Little Or No Credit

And A Minimum Of Paperwork 184

· Little-Known Secrets Of Getting A Low-Cost Loan Without Any Of

The Usual Loan Obstacles... No Credit Or Income Checks! 184

· How You Can Raise Thousands Of Dollars

In 24 185

· An Amazing Little "Book" That Can

Get You Instant Cash 186

· Your Home Can Do More Than Just Provide

You A Place To 186

· A Revolutionary Simple Process Forces

Lenders To Make A Loan to You Using

"Future Collateral" 187

· Another HOT Idea For Raising

Cash Fast! 187

Section Twenty-Eight

My Special Secrets... The $100,000 189

Section Twenty-Nine

Sources You Should Know

· Solving Your Credit Cards And Bill Problems

· You’re Approved For A Personal Loan… Even If Your Credit Is Lousy

· Hidden Sources Of Capital, Financing And Loans

· Lender Profiles: Who Has The Money?

· Surprise Sources Of “Open-Minded And Responsive Conventional Lenders”

· Where To Find The Best Offshore Financial Source For Your Deal

· A Giant Outfit Helps Small Business And The Very Small Get Credit

· Mixed-Bag Of Affiliated Financial Services And Sources

· The Best Of The Internet Capital Sources And Grants

· Money Raisers… Provides Instant Access And Financial Wizardry.

Bonus 207